Bharath Thiruveedula A blog about my new learnings in computer science


Welcome to my blog, this blog will have a mix of the regular "tech tutorials" i find as interesting topics, blended with some of my own opinions and predictions.


I am Bharath Thiruveedula, a opensource developer hacking from web to cloud to network(ongoing :) )

I am saggitarian, so here and there you can find me speaking about philosophy( though it doesn’t matter! )

In recent years i have been (like the rest of the world) involed with SDN, NFV and Network Virtualization from all aspects.

Learning new things every day and enjoying it, interesting times in the networking world.


I want to mention YuviPanda, who actually helped me to get into this ravishing opensource world!

Yuvipanda’s Blog

Hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to comment and send me feedbacks (bharath_ves at hotmail dot com)