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New year resolution before the new year!

I have been working on multiple things like OpenStack Tacker, TOSCA Parser, Heat Translator and recently started contributing to ONOS but there is some vacuum which always troubles me that is being comfortable with Algorithms and Data Structures. Though I am interested in this topic I totally moved to web development and open source contributions in my undergraduate level. And then in my day job I am mostly concentrating of cloud computing and SDN. So I firmly decided to be good at competitive programming. So my agenda is to solve at least 2 problems from SPOJ everyday and write blog post on them.By following this:

  1. I can be good at Competitive Programming
  2. I will make sure I write a blog post everyday
  3. I will have some basis for distributed systems and machine learning(though paxos, raft or linear regression won’t be in this agenda, but it is indirectly related to algos) It starts from today :D

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