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First encounter with Git

When I am developing an application, I used to maintain different copies of the project because in one copy I store all the files which is working fine as we expected, then I thought to improve a feature to my application so I created another copy of that project and wrote that feature and that works fine and I merged both.

This is one use why I use different copies of same project . And the second use is to backup the project files. For this I used tar the project and named it with that particular date to make sure that we can restore the files of that particular day (Just like backing up of your database). So at the end of the day for one application I have many tar balls, it was just annoying and frustating me. So I searched for many tools that can solve my problems then I came to know there is a concept called Version Control System(VCS) or Source Code Management(SCM) which delivers the same what I wanted . There are many tools for this SCM namely SVN ,CVS , GIT etc., The last tool so called GIT is the most popular and widely used tool for SCM. We have website called which will support git SCM to host our code If you want to develop an application with these features just go to and register for an account and create a repository (just like folder for your project) and follow the instructions given in the website And this is my github page

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